Quarter 4

* indicates that this will be this STAMP member’s thesis

the earth is red

*U P D A T E D T I M E S**
Friday, March 29th
| 4:00-6:00pm Open gallery 6:00 show
Saturday, March 30th | 5:00-7:00pm Open gallery 7:00 show
Sunday, March 31st | 1:00-3:00pm Open gallery 3:00 show

The Earth is Red will be the first STAMP thesis to premiere in the Booth Theatre and the first of its kind. Placing a large emphasis on design and production, installation, and performance art, this project will be an immersive experience that tackles one’s definition of identity. Through the lens of Postmodernism, audiences will be guided on a journey about what it means to feel lost within one’s own heritage, body, and how one can find peace within that disorder.

Creative Team

Lighting Designer - Hannah Solomon*
Scenic Designer - Sean Perreira*
Technical Director -
Becca Sundberg*
Sound Designer / Production Manager -
Grace Hill*
Performance Artist - Claudia Watanabe*


an evening with Taylor and michelle
by michelle Moriarty* and taylor brahms*

directed by madison findling*

Friday, April 19th |
Saturday, April 20th | 6:15pm
Sunday, April 21st | 10:30am

From the deranged minds of Taylor Brahms, Michelle Moriarty, and Madison Findling, comes Beautiful, Unapologetic, Thrilling, Tragic, Sensual: An Evening with Taylor and Michelle. The hour-long comedy extravaganza written and performed by Brahms and Moriarty, directed by Findling, features sketch, stand-up, and musical comedy. Critics* call it “an action-packed fun-fest,” “a gaggle of giggles,” and “a one-way ticket to silly town!” Conveniently scheduled for the weekend of Passover, Easter, and 4/20, attending this show is the perfect way to celebrate whichever holiday you may observe. #BUTTS

*The word “critics,” in this instance, refers to Michelle Moriarty.

Cast & Creative Team

Performers - Taylor Brahms*, Michelle Moriarty*
Stage Management - Rosalind Bevan
Scenic Design - Saskia Martinez
Lighting Design - Danielle Eleg

mouthful of birds by caryl churchill and david lan

directed by sarah boess*
movement direction by maggie markham*

Friday, April 26th
| 8pm
Saturday, April 27th | 2pm
Sunday, April 28th | 10am

Mouthful of Birds is a fight for balance between morality and primality. Through mediums of dance, poetry, and spectacle, the play follows the journey of seven individuals through what Churchill calls “an undefended day” where the air outside of ourselves is as violent as our inner state. The play is a loose adaptation of The Bacchae by Euripides and by throwing ancient themes of Dionysian volatility and Apollonian rigidity into our modern world, Churchill and Lan unearth gristly questions about human nature and desire. Mouthful of Birds asks what happens when our most primitive methods of survival are thrown into battle with modern societal structures and oppression. Much like The Bacchae, the play demands an internal balance between these forces—else, we risk self-destruction, descent into violent madness, and a soul either unbridled entirely, or stifled and snuffed out.


Hannah Beebe
Jackie Collet
Deanna Drennen
Ryan Gold
Tatianna Jackson
Kendra Jain

Maggie Markham*
Aida Neitenbach
Oreine Robinson
Julian Shapiro-Barnum
Sam Theobald

Creative Team

Stage Management - Emma Cavage
Dramaturgy - Emma Roth
Scenic Design
- Danielle Delafuente
Lighting Design - Jonas Hayes
Assistant Lighting Design - Angus Goodearl
Costume Design - Francesca Padilla
Sound Design - Jennie Gorn

in the time of the butterflies
adapted by caridad svich from the novel by Julia Alvarez

directed by chloe siegman*

Saturday, May 4th
| 5pm
Sunday, May 5th | 10am
Monday, May 6th | 8pm

In The Time of the Butterflies tells the true story of the four Mirabal sisters: Patria, Dede, Minerva and Maria Teresa, who worked to overthrow the dictatorial regime of Rafael Trujillo in the Dominican Republic. Making and watching this play is a way to bring history closer than it could ever be in the form of facts. The Mirabal sisters fought against a dictatorship and, at the cost of death, created an operation that was ultimately successful in taking Trujillo down. It is a story that speaks for itself and one that begs to be told.


Minerva - Mariana Mondragon*
Patria - Gigi Rodriguez
Dede - Schuyler Pallo-Ross
Maria Teresa - Bea Perez-Arche
DJ/Trujillo/Lio Morales - Matan Horowitz

Creative Team

Lighting Design - Zach Sager
Scenic Design - Emma Barron
Costume Design - Danielle Bazan
Dramaturg - Madison Lusby
Production Manager - Grace Hill


a game of life: A modern ritual drama by Dev blair*

directed by taire mccobb*
choreography by andrea sala

Sunday, May 5th | 4pm
Monday, May 6th | 10am
Tuesday, May 7th | 7:30pm

A Game of LIFE-A Modern Ritual Drama is an experimental new play by Dev Blair, set in the world of Palimpsest, a land not unlike our own, where MAGIC is just as real as the Gods (or at least the people named after them). Some time ago, a great religious war raged across Palimpsest, ceasing only because the manifestation of MAGIC forced humanity to stop fighting or risk total societal collapse-but not all the wounds from that time have been erased. Society is still heavily divided and the illusion of peace covers the constant structural threat of civil unrest. Inspired by video games and animated television, A Game of LIFE uses audience engagement and multimedia to construct an immersive theatrical gaming experience audiences must crowd play in order to advance through the narrative. Can you help Asushunamir, our protagonist, survive Ragnarok, the worl’s first magical combat tournament? Can you and a bunch of strangers come into a room and work together to help save a world? Or will you all watch as the MAGIC of Palimpsest is erased?


Sean Perreira
Syd Romo
Christian Scales
Bram Xu

Dev Blair*
Chitra Jagannathan
Nadia Leinhos
Arinze Okwuosah

Creative Team

Stage Management - Emma Roth
Sound Design
- Kirk Ruby*
Lighting Design - Mark Fortunato
Scenic Design - Danielle Ibrahim and Steven Doucette
Paint Charge & Dramaturg - Taire McCobb*
Costume Designer - Sophia Baramidze

something else: a love cycle
book by jack lavey* & sarah hirsch*
music by erica huang*

directed by sarah shin*

Sunday May 5th
| 7:30pm
Tuesday, May 7th | 7:30pm
Wednesday, May 8th | 7:30pm

As a young person about to enter the "adult," "real" world, it's pretty much impossible to be present for everything in your life. What happens if you're able to stop time for a little bit? Are the people in your life exactly who you think they are, and are your relationships with them what you think they are? Maybe they are something else. See what can happen through a series of short stories during one rainstorm in Boston.

Through this musical that we created, wrote, and will eventually perform, we hope to tell these stories honestly and to empower our audiences to create something all on their own. We welcome you to our community.

Celebrate the culmination of eight months of committed, healthy, and sustainable creative process that contains our deepest values and honors our authentic selves.

Cast & Creative Team

Performers - Jack Lavey*, Sarah Hirsh*, Sarah Shin*, Erica Huang*
Stage Management
– Jordana Roet
Scenic Design - Sarah Hirsch* and Sam Mastrati
Props - Aria Pegg
Lighting Design - Matt Robson
Sound Design - Erica Huang
Costume Design - Jack Lavey