Our Mission

STAMP is a collective of young artists dedicated to creating a cradle for artistic experimentation and new work. In our theatrical laboratory, we celebrate fearless storytelling, collaborative spirit, and diversity of experience. Through our art and actions, we aim to promote a legacy of inclusivity, respect, and accountability. We dare to challenge our egos, play in the dirt, and never let go of whimsy.

We want you to laugh! We want you to think! Most of all we want you to get involved in our community.

The Bones

Boston University Theatre Arts Majors BFA degree’s culminates in a capstone thesis project. These projects are then contained within the spring season of our self-funded and independently operated theatre company, “S.T.A.M.P.” We work together to create community events for our peers and the larger Boston community while aiming to produce a theatre season that embodies and embraces our above mission statement. We are students and emerging artistic professionals. We acknowledge the privileges afforded by the private institution we exist within and seek to use that privilege as a source of allyship and accountable artistry.